SEO PowerSuite is one of the most talked about seo tools. It used by over 200,000 companies, and has for the most part, happy customers who support the company’s growth. But they have also started to develop a bad reputation as a company who charges hidden fees after offering low up-front costs.

I’ll show you all of the costs associated with running SEO PowerSuite and how you can save money with them.

On another post, I compare these costs to the costs of other seo tools.

What you will learn:

  • The cost to purchase SEO Power Suite and under normal and special promotions
  • The cost of algorithm updates
  • The cost of CAPTCHAs
  • How to save money on SEO Power Suite

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The cost to purchase SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite comes in two editions: professional and enterprise. The major difference between the two are professional lets you run all of the analysis functions of the software for a handful of sites, while the enterprise edition allows you to publish custom reports, schedule delivery of the reports (e-mail or ftp upload) on an unlimited number of sites.

You can also purchase all four of the tools (rank tracker, seo spyglass, website auditor, link assistant) for a bundled price, or each tool separately.

Bundled Price (all 4 tools) Individual Price (1 tool)
Professional $299.00 $124.75
Enterprise $699.00 $299.75

For those of us calculating in our head, that is about a 42% savings when you buy the bundle.

Pro tip #1: if you want two or three of the tools, but not all four, try e-mailing the sales support team, they may be able to offer a custom bundle for you.

Pro tip #2: SEO PowerSuite does generally on sale a couple times per year. Sign up for my e-mail list and I will let you know when.

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Now, these are one time fees, but I will amortize them over 5 years for this experiment, so that we can compare the costs apples to apples to monthly services like Moz.

Running totals of monthly fees:
Professional edition $4.98
Enterprise edition $11.65

The cost of algorithm updates

This part seems to catch people off guard. Because the software runs on your own computer, they don’t expect a “subscription fee” and that is what this really is. SEO PowerSuite calls them updates, but either way, if you don’t pay for them the software still stop functioning.

The algorithm updates are discounted by length of your subscription and are also discounted when purchased as a bundle for all four tools. The algorithm updates are free for the first six months, so if you haven’t decided you want to stick with SEO PowerSuite after 6 months, you never have to pay the subscription fee.

A one month extension for the bundle is $39.95 for Enterprise and $19.95 for professional, but go down to $18.05 and $17.08 per month when you commit to the maximum subscription length of 36 months.

For our example, we will subscribe to a 24 month subscription.

Bundled Price (all 4 tools) Individual Price (1 tool)
Professional $199.95 (= $8.33/mo) $79.95 (= $3.33/mo)
Enterprise $499.95 (= $20.83/mo) $229.95 (= $9.58/mo)

Running totals of monthly fees:
Professional edition $4.98 + $8.33 = $13.31
Enterprise edition $11.65 + $20.83 = $32.48

The Cost of CAPTCHAs

The final cost of running SEO PowerSuite is actually optional. You see to run many of the operations, the software has to repeatedly ping Google. This can sometimes be detected, and prompt Google to ask you to complete a CAPTCHA to prove that you are human.

This happens mostly with the Rank Tracker module, and I wrote a guide on how to set your rank checking to appear as human as possible and to avoid CAPTCHAs altogether.

When I did my own calculation, I promoted 10 websites with an average of 50 keywords each with using less than 500 CAPTCHAs per month. For most people, they will require much less.

Cost Per CAPTCHA Price
1,000 CAPTCHAs $0.69 $6.95
5,000 CAPTCHAs $0.46 $22.95
25,000 CAPTCHAs $0.40 $99.95
75,000 CAPTCHAs $0.35 $269.95

So if you are like me, for a three year period you will need 25,000 CAPTCHAs. This equals $2.77 per month.

So, the running and final total comes out to…

Professional edition $4.98 + $8.33 + $2.77 = $16.08
Enterprise edition $11.65 + $20.83 + $2.77 = $35.25


Even with the somewhat sneaky approach they have taken to algorithm updates, SEO PowerSuite is still an amazing value.

Most individual companies will probably spend less, and some seo agencies may spend more, but you can’t deny these prices. Moz standard at it’s lowest is $79.16, so being in $20 to $40 per month range is a very good savings for most agencies and business owners a like.

So SEO PowerSuite will save you money over most other seo tools, and you can also find special deals yourself by asking for special bundles and by subscribing to my e-mail list and being notified first of any upcoming sales.

Click here to download the trial version of SEO PowerSuite

So what do you think. Are my calculations correct?

I would love to know your thoughts and your average monthly spend on SEO PowerSuite.